Best in Show - University


Anna Linke, Weimar, Germany


Stefanie, 26, is a young woman who has not yet managed to live in an environment in which she can truly be herself. At home, in the back country, everybody tries to find a man for the last bachelorette of the village, who is not thrilled about this at all.


Honorable Mention

תלזנ Leak

Beni Fredman, Tel Aviv, IIsrael


Seven year old, Hadar, is behaving strangely. She keeps killing animals in order to eliminate an imaginary monster that's pursuing her. Her father, a rich and powerful man, covers up her behavior by silencing people with payoffs.



1st Place


Andrew Wood, Northeastern University, MA

'Sketch' is the story of a lonely comic book artist whose drawings begin to come to life, forcing him to get a grasp on both his wayward creations and the implications of his new-found gift.

2nd Place


Paul Kmiec, SUNY Purchase College Conservatory of Film, NY

Christian and Audrey are hiding out in their mother's old theater amidst a post-apocalyptic landscape, trying to enjoy a break from their mission -- to bury the remains of their mother at their father's grave site.

3rd Place

A Work in Progress

Judy Nanney, Kristi Chesney, Wayne State University

A Work in Progress is a short film about a homeless man, whose alcoholism has ruined his life, destroyed his family and is the sole reason for why he is living on the streets.



1st Place

The Tobacco King

Daniel Koehler, Elon University, NC

White farmer George Botha cultivates a new livelihood in Zambia following a racially charged and violent land reform program that robbed him of his home in Zimbabwe.

2nd Place


Chithra Jeyaram, University of Texas

Mijo (My Son) is an evocative portrayal of a mother and child's intimate relationship in the midst of life altering medical events.

3rd Place

Homeless in the Homeland

Julia Doran, New York University

While homelessness has risen across Canada in recent decades, research indicates that Aboriginals are greatly over-represented in the community: According to the city of Toronto, Aboriginals represent less than three percent of the city's urban population but over 25% of its homeless. 



1st Place

Memory Box

Jong Ha, New York, NY

A young military officer returns to his devastated homeland after the war. Retracing his memory of childhood, the officer decides to take out the memory box which he had buried years ago.

2nd Place

Spycat and the Paper Chase

Darren Lim, Singapore

Spycat hunts down Captain Chico, whose latest scheme involves robbing the world of every piece of paper. The pursuit takes Spycat aboard Captain Chico's airship for a climactic showdown between a cat and a dog.

3rd Place


Chiranjit Ghosh, Arena Animation, India

Three friends, Ultimate friendship..........



1st Place

Dreams of a Blind Woman

Gary Joseph Watts, Wayne State University

A blind, Japanese woman dreams of the various experiences she could have if she only had her sight; all while whistling Franz Schubert's Ave Maria.

2nd Place

Polly, Jennifer and Melissa

Diego Ramirez, Melbourne, Australia

An androgyne by the name of Polly recalls an episode of post coital anxiety while Jennifer confesses to a priest and Melissa poses flirtatiously for the viewer. 

3rd Place


John Baseley, Henry Ford Community College

As he sees atrocities on TV screens, paralyzed, appalled, and powerless, the Future beckons him to leave and snuff out all the racket.


Music Video

1st Place

Steal Your Heart

Rosalie Kakos, Wayne State University

You can't control who you fall in love with. Hot new recording artist, Naijah proves this to all of us in her sizzling single, 'Steal Your Heart.'

2nd Place

This is your life Speaking

Myke Carmody, Wayne State University

This is your life Speaking. Are you finding what you're seeking? Tune in to find out.

3rd Place

Dead Man Walking

Coley Coffman, Windsor, ON, Canada

Angels, photos of friends and family and the grim reaper all make appearances in this loosely knit and experimental music video.


New Media

1st Place

Grace Center

John Pompeo, Wayne State University

The Grace Center is a transitional facility for people in Pontiac Michigan working to turn their lives around.

2nd place


Carrie Love, Wayne State University

This web-friendly church introduction video smartly combines the energy and values of Auburn Hills Christian Center church so that potential visitors can get an idea of what they will experience if they decide to give it a try on Sunday morning.

3rd Place

Show n' Tell Episode 1: Islands

Ian Wolfe, Wayne State University

Show n' Tell is a new webseries meant to showcase both local and touring artists in Detroit.


High School Category

Best in Show

Alone Together

Ben Kadie, Interlake High School, Bellevue, WA

High School Narrative

A story of shipwrecks and love -- After a terrible ocean storm, Brendan finds himself on a Chilean island with Eloise, the girl of his secret dreams. Alone together for the first time, the two grow close, yet Brendan worries: if they leave the island will Eloise still need him?

1st Place


Darian Henry and the YouthFX, Albany, NY

High School Documentary

Tyler Rhodes, 17, of Albany, NY was stabbed to death on Saturday April 30th, 2011 during a fight with two teenagers at a city park.

2nd Place

Look Up

Jake Oleson, Amanda Prager, Short Hills, NJ

High School Music Video

An imaginative child becomes fascinated with the idea of flying. He devises various ways to pursue his dream, but discovers that achieving flight is more difficult than he anticipated.

3rd Place


Adam and Daniel Cooper, West Bloomfield High School, MI

High School Narrative 

Luke E. Shwartz is a bully who gets away with everything until he picks up one, unlucky penny and is registered into the Lab of Unnatural Compensational Karmatezation's system.

2012 Winners